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About Toronto

Toronto is the result of the amalgamation of 6 separate cities in 1998. It now stretches 32 km (20 miles) along the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto's climate is hot and humid in the summer and can get very cold in the winter. Popular summer activities in the Toronto area include canoeing, golf, bicycling, hiking, inline skating, and camping. During the winter, Toronto opens its many outdoor ice skating rinks to the public. Nearby ski resorts are also popular.

Due to careful planning by the city's architects, Toronto is mostly a grid street pattern and getting around is very intuitive. Landmarks such as the CN Tower—North America's tallest structure—make it easy to get a sense of direction.

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What is a homestay?

A homestay is a safe and convenient place for an international student or traveller to live in while studying abroad.

The guest lives with a host family and experiences a new culture and language as a member of the family.

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